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Georgia Women’s Conference empowers and inspires for fourth year

The Georgia Women’s Conference (GWC) is hosted by The Diversity Alliance at Georgia State University’s Perimeter College. It has been held annually at the Clarkston campus, and 2016 will mark its fourth year. GWC will be held on April 1, and will be a day full of empowerment, education, and inspiration. Tiffany Del Valle is a graduate student at the University of Georgia, a co-founder and a conference coordinator of the GWC.

Hannah E. Maddox: One of the things I liked most about last year’s GWC was the diversity of the speakers and the variety of topics. Can students expect to see the same diversity and variety at this year’s GWC?

Tiffany Del Valle: Absolutely, this year we will have a diverse offering of artists, authors and educators who will be presenting on issues ranging from art therapy, feminism, the civil rights movement, women in politics and gender performance.

HM: It was also inspiring to see some professors I knew, as well as students, participating. Will this year have that level of participation?

TD: Yes, we are so excited to have Perimeter College faculty and staff participation at the conference this year. Some participants include: Dr. Mary Helen O’Connor, Dana Wiggins, Marissa McNamara and Amber Brooks.

HM: What new speakers and sessions are going to be at the conference this year?

TD: I am particularly excited about the Feminati’s (Perimeter College’s Feminist Organization) presentation “‘What Scares YOU?’ Activist Haunted House”.

HM: And I heard that this year’s keynote speaker is Joshilyn Jackson. Can you tell students a few things about her?

TD: Joshilyn’s latest novel, The Opposite of Everyone, addresses how finding a voice is particularly important for women dealing with issues of inequality stemming from race, sex and incarceration. Her talk is titled “Writing Women’s Lives: The Fictional Female Experience and Social Justice.“ This talk is co-sponsored by The Chattahoochee Review as part of its The Chattahoochee Review Guest Author Series.

HM: Even though the conference is called the GWC, what could people of other genders get out of the conference?

TD: This conference is an inclusive conference open to everyone, including men, non-binary and trans-individuals. I think the conversation regarding women’s issues is a conversation that is everyone’s responsibility. In order to foster an inclusive and equitable society, we need everyone to participate, educate themselves, and become active in that dialogue. Furthermore, because of the intersectionality of these issues, the topics discussed at the conference can also be helpful to a wide range of constituents, including other marginalized groups, educators and students.

HM: Is there anything else you would like to let the students of GSU’s Perimeter College know about the upcoming GWC?

TD: Perimeter College students can attend for FREE!! All you have to do is register. It is a great opportunity to network with amazing people, get involved and build your resume.

To register for the Georgia Women’s Conference go online to https://giving.gpc.edu/2016gwc. You can also tweet about your experience at the conference by using #GWC16.

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