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“And that’s the way it is…”

Writing this letter has not been easy. I put it off time and again, postponing the inevitable. At first I was unsure of which words would best befit the legacy of the Collegian. I am still unsure how one could sum up in just one letter how much this newspaper has done over the past 30 years. But, there is one thing I am certain of; the Collegian has been there beside Georgia Perimeter College all this time. It has supported a number of diverse students over the years. It has shared the news of local, national and international events. It has launched careers and changed minds. It continues to maintain a spirit all its own.

For me, that spirit manifested in the forms of leadership training, networking opportunities, project management and more. Those things would have been impossible if not for the team here at the Collegian. Executive Editor Ben Abrams has been by my side these past eight months through all of the stressful deadlines, and each time we came out ahead. Tosin Ogunnoiki, Roger Williams and Dakota J. Maddox each have had their plates full, laden by the responsibilities of our leadership team. And Alice Murray, our adviser,  with her experience, we each are now more capable students and forever thankful for her lessons.

The time has come that the Collegian is to be retired. Though our name and newspaper may no longer grace the stands of the college, we are proud to consolidate with GSU’s The Signal. Starting in fall of this year, The Signal will be distributed around all Perimeter College campuses. Student’s interested in joining the staff are encouraged to direct questions to The Signal Editor-in-chief Troi Charity at thesignalfrontdesk@gmail.com or (404) 413-1617 and Alice Murray at amurray25@gsu.edu.

Thank you all,

— Justin Beaudrot

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