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Earth Day Expo

“Saving our Earth so there will be a tomorrow.” This was the slogan for the Earth Day expo that took place April 15, 2016, on the Decatur campus.

From 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., students were invited to the kick-off event of Earth Day week where Georgia companies helped teach students how they can make a difference in saving the Earth.

“I’m here for extra credit, but I’m also here to help and learn about different careers, businesses and sustainability,” said Nia Momon, a biology major on Decatur Campus.

The Earth Day expo, located in the foyer of the C building was set up with rows of tables lining each wall. The first table was the check-in table where students signed their name and instructor, to ensure they received extra credit for perspective classes, and also received a survey card that would act as their ticket for the advertised free lunch.

The companies offering information and souvenirs from their companies were MARTA, Georgia Power, DeKalb Watershed Management, GSU’s Perimeter College Native Plant Botanical Garden and more. The expo was filled with learning students picking up pamphlets and souvenirs.

“I know now not to put grease, oil and dairy down the drain, it clogs the drain,” said Darius Sebastian, a communications major on the Decatur Campus.

The Native Plant Botanical Garden offered more educational outlets to students along with the other sustainability information going on around them. Daniel Bulger, a geology professor at Decatur said “Plant biology classes use the Native Plant Botanical Garden for class and research.”

Although the motive of gaining extra credit may have been the thing to get students to the expo, many took away something from this event.

According to Catherine Lewis from the Communications Department at the Chattahoochee Riverkeeper Program, “It’s a team effort … just by doing a little you can make a big difference.”

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