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The Collegian’s Final Bow

The final academic year of the Collegian newspaper was a lot of things, but uneventful was not one of them. The last eight months we have seen changes, growth, growing pains, and the promise of progress from our editors and our staff.

The year started with excitement and a lot of questions that we were not ready to answer yet with our consolidation with the Signal less than a year away. The first three editions were an interesting experience with our Editor-in-chief, Jack Lester. His creativity helped the staff find inspiration in places that we never saw before.

In our fourth edition we had our first experience of change with a new Editor-in-chief. Sad as we were to see Jack go, Justin Beaudrot entered as our new leader and brought a nice traditional approach that was needed. Justin also introduced the editorial staff Tosin Ogunnoiki, Naya Clark, and I to new writers and editors who could expand our knowledge of the world around us to new heights.

We saw the intellect of writers like Sheen Atwa, the creativity of artist like Cailene Lineberry, and the dedication of new staff writers like Hassanahtou Bah and Lacee Harper. As the fall semester went on we spend the next five editions trying to find our footing while looking to plow ahead with our next chapter in Perimeter Student Media.

December rolled around, and Naya went on to bigger and better things, but things did not slow down for us after finals ended. They got crazier, because this is when I decided to introduce our new project the Perimeter Podcast Network. The project itself took on a life of it’s own.

London Balbolsa joined at the time and we started to plan how we could get this project rolling by January. Then Jasmine Young came on board and soon Lacee, Hassanatou, and Sabrina Jamil joined as well. Through this chaos we then found an unexpected source of clarity and inspiration from D’vale Weston with his return to the Collegian.

January is here and things start accelerating at a rate faster than either Justin or I could have expected. The podcast project gained so much traction that we started with four shows instead of two. Jasmine and D’vale started “Culture Collective”, and took that show and moved on to bigger and better things.

London introduced us to Angele Master and her brilliance as she started the “Science Show.” Jarrod Todd and Valentino Henson teamed together to start the recurring new titled “Gaming Podcast,” and we saw the inspiration of embracing the campus as our new source when we turned the news podcast into, “Around the Perimeter.”

In print D’vale and Jasmine helped us see the importance that the student played into the Collegian. Our focus on the stories soon changed to focus more on what the students were doing and what is going on the campuses of Perimeter.

The last few month of the Collegian have been an experience of fun, hard word, and discovery. The progress has been astonishing with the trial and error phase of our podcasting.

The print stories of the Collegian have been strong as we have continued to gain incredible insight from our reliable writers as well our new and more polished ones like Woody Bass. Who covered Georgia State’s football journey to their first bowl games in Division I FBS football.

The Collegian has been my home away from home for almost the past two years and the changes and growth I have seen from our dedicated writers and staff is something that keeps us inspired as we make the consolidation with the Signal. We know that under the leadership of current Signal Editor-in-chief, Troi Charity the spirit of the Collegian and Perimeter College will not die and the best days of our medium are still ahead of us and the people we write for.

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