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Usher Rock The GSU Atlanta House

On Tuesday April 12, 2016 Raymond Usher came to the Georgia State University Atlanta Campus in the Student Center.

There was approximately over 2,000 students inside the building with an excited crowd that was ready to hear Mr. Usher. Raymond was not only dancing, singing and acting. He is also fighting for social justice and against police brutality.

The first 800 students that arrived at the student center was able to take pictures before his Chains Speech. Students also took pictures and got autographs with free t-shirts.

Mr. Raymond made a chains video that emphasizes how we should not ignore the high police brutality crime taking place with African-American people. The popular R&B singer was asked what made him start working in social justice. Usher said it was the obvious move. He felt the pain and the hurt that everyone wanted a voice to speak on it, so he took action and made it happen through a worldwide video.

Usher was also asked if he had any advice to give to someone going against social justice what should they do? He said don’t give a reason for a police to shoot because a bullet has no name on it, to stay educated, be mindful on appearance, and be humble at all times.

Usher Raymond, has inspired many young students at the GSU Atlanta campus. His voice was the enlightenment for many students said Brittney Jackson.

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