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Four-year, two-year or no school?

Life after high school graduation can be confusing; a milestone has finally been reached. Now you’re left to make your own decisions. Throughout being nurtured and looked after during all four years of high school, the decision that has been most considered is what higher education will be best suited …

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Black Lives Matter Round Table

Black Lives Matter Round Table. (left to right) Professor Cole Thomas, Jasmine Hutchinson, Hakim Floyd, Jack Lester, Chris Townsend, Sondra Williams, and Keisha Webb. Photo by Chelse Brown

Do all black lives “really” matter? On Feb. 24, the Feminati Club on Dunwoody campus held a Black Lives Matter Roundtable Discussion panel. The Feminati club is dedicated to feminism and women’s issues that discuss relevant topics that happen locally and internationally and relate them to the feminist student body. …

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