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Art Beneath Your Feet

By Katherine Kerfoot Have you ever seen one of those amazing pictures where someone standing on a sidewalk looks like they are floating over a pit or drifting down a river? Someone with chalk, creativity, and a lot of time made that illusion possible. Sidewalk chalk artists do not create …

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Go social to market yourself

By Troi Charity Social media has unlocked a new way for individuals breaking into the music industry to market themselves. Lisa Kato, professional singer for 10 years and former member of the 90’s group Seek, explained why newcomers should take full advantage of social media and self production. “It’s actually …

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Make your transition into a four-year college a breeze Advisors note signing a TAG agreement helps

By Omar Nelson The Transfer Admissions Guarantee (TAG) program, one of Georgia Perimeter College’s feature student services, takes the guesswork out of transfer admissions and gives you a strong incentive to reach your academic goals. TAG is an agreement between GPC and more than 35 higher educational institutions in Georgia …

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the Art &Music Industry — From Inside the Studio

By Ashley Oglesby TunePusher founder and School of Audio Engineering graduate, Justin Kalpher stated, “SAE would hate me for this but you don’t really need school.” Kahler advised students looking to step into music to skip school completely and land internships. “You learn your best stuff when you get thrown …

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Truth Behind the Ink — Ink & Dagger Tattoo professionals share their knowledge on keeping up with the latest trends and avoiding costly cover-ups and removals.

By Ashley Oglesby “Ink Master.” “LA Ink.” There is no shortage of influence from tattoo-focused TV shows we have to choose from. Add to that NBA players, NFL players, rappers and rock stars, people that are viewed as role models, they all have tattoos. “People always see designs on the …

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Defining Culture

By Katherine Kerfoot Culture, defined by sociologists, is the beliefs, way of life, art and customs shared, and accepted by people in a particular society. Therefore, as long as people exist, culture will never stop existing. It is possible to be in several cultures at once. Being a GPC student …

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