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Representing Art Within Art

By Kezia Velista “Please silence your beeping squealing things,” said Honors Program director Jeffrey Portnoy at the beginning of this poetry reading. On April 1, poet Steve Gehrke read some of his work to the Dunwoody campus. He is a published writer, who has won several awards like the John …

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‘Noah’ Floods Box Office

By Tammara Green On March 28, the box office flooded with people ready to see the modern day story of Noah. According to the Daily Mail, Noah out sold Divergent in its second week, taking first place with 44 million in ticket sales. “Noah” stars A-list celebrities Russell Crowe, Anthony …

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Art Illustrates How Nursing Touches Lives

Solomon Stringer  views  the Art of Nursing display on Clarkston campus.

By Justin Beaudrot Nursing met Art as GPC students and faculty submitted entries to the Georgia Perimeter College Association of Nursing Students (GaPCANS) “The Art of Nursing” art display held April 7-9. Judged by nursing department professors, the 13 entries included representations of how nursing has affected the lives of …

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Dunwoody Celebrates Diversity

Attendees learning about customs from around the world at the culture fest.

By Victoria Song In celebration of GPC’s appreciation for diversity, the Dunwoody campus held its annual Culture Fest on April 3. Displays from various countries featured artifacts and activities to engage and educate students. The display from Mexico was filled with original artifacts including handmade jewelry and handkerchiefs. The exhibit …

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One Small Step for T.I.M.

William Howard preps T.I.M. for its camera function test.

By Troi Charity   Four years ago, William Howard and the GPC Computer Science and Engineering Club (CLASEC) created a deep sea probe prototype made out of foam. Howard now attends Southern Polytechnic State University (SPSU) and is one step closer to achieving his goal of receiving information from the …

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End of the Semester Check-List

By Katherine Kerfoot We’ve got little under a month left of school.  Are you ready for it?  Find out now.         1)  How are your grades doing?  Finals will be here before you know it.  If your grades aren’t where you want them, go talk to your professor now before …

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Is the Government a Stable Environment to Work?

By Sabatani Shetu Government jobs and positions have always been thought to be stable, dependable and out of the realms of fluctuation, but recent developments as seen in the U.S federal government shutdown from Oct. 1-16, are proving this notion false. Pair that with the constant sequestration and furlough of …

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