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Victoria Song

Business Major at GPC, Dunwoody.

How 9/11 Affects us

By Kyndell Mizell – Collegian Staff Ten years later, 9/11 is still very relevant for individuals on GPC campuses. Although many people think that 9/11 was an inside job, people still fear for their lives, believing that anyone or any group has the power to produce mass destruction without any …

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The Center of Attention

By Julian Traas – Collegian Staff Students returning to Alpharetta Center may have noticed a subtle difference the day Fall classes began: there seemed to be three times as many people lining the halls, compared with last year. Granted, a portion of these were online-only students who had some last …

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Exploring African-American Literature

By Shannon Dean – Collegian Contributor Do you know about the many special topics courses offered here at GPC? Some are listed in the English 2131 and English 2132 course offerings. English professor Dr. Valerie M. Dotson teaches African-American Literature here at the Clarkston campus which she says allows students …

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SGA President Resigns

By Kevin A. Jackson and Adam Waldorf – Collegian Staff Clarkston Student Government Association President, Johnny Le ,resigned his position before he started this semester. Le had been holding meetings over the summer and showed enthusiasm for the post, speaking frequently of plans to make the SGA more responsive to …

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Reactions From Around the World

English as a second language student contributions from Elizabeth Wallace’s class By Arth Patel – Collegian Contributor When I woke up my father was watching news. He called me in and asked me to have a seat beside him. I was too young to know about al-Qaeda and Bin Laden, …

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Reflecting at Ground Zero

By Victoria Healy – Collegian Contributor My first reaction to Ground Zero is that even though there are hundreds of people walking to work, on their cell phones and in general going about their day, it seems empty. It’s been ten years since I sat in my sixth grade English …

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