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Victoria Song

Business Major at GPC, Dunwoody.

ASK Sloane “In Case of an Emergency”

  Has something ever stopped working right when you need it the most? Do you have a backup? If the power goes out, would you be prepared? Do you have enough money put aside in case of emergency? These are important questions that everyone should consider.    Life can happen when you …

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GPC Baseball Still Plays Through The Ice

By Hope Dickson The recent weather shut down GPC campuses, but the GPC men’s baseball team members haven’t felt a thing and continue to gear up for games in this weather. Despite the weather, Head Coach Brett Campbell has a positive outlook for his team. “The season is still young,” …

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To Bieb or Not To Bieb

By Jessica Cephus They make us laugh, they make us cry, they inspire us to dream, and they make millions while doing these things. The group of people I am referring to are today’s celebrities. In our society we seem to be so caught up in the lives of celebrities …

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How Much is Too Much

By Justin Beaudrot Increasing the federal minimum wage has been an ongoing argument in the news and politics, but most of what you hear in the news is what the “left” says or what the “right” says. According to Diffen.com, “Democrats favor an increase in the minimum wage to help …

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A Look Inside GPC’S Phi Theta Kappa Chapters

By Kimberly Hung One of the many benefits of maintaining a high grade point average at Georgia Perimeter College is the opportunity to participate in the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. Phi Theta Kappa (PTK)  is an international academic honor society for students in two-year institutions. “The Society exists to …

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The Story of Kyana Campbell #22

                   By Autumn Porter Over the past week I sat down with Kyana Campbell, No. 22 on the GPC women’s soccer team. As we began the interview I could tell by the bright smile and the tone of her voice that soccer …

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A Day with a GPC Public Safety Officer


By Devante Franklin GPC Public Safety Officers run a strict schedule and are always around for the protection of others. Thier job requires them to be constantly vigilant and to perform their duties in a military fashion. Supervisor for GPC Clarkston campus night shifts, Sgt. Rodney Treadwell served in the …

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The Impact of Campus Closings

By Joy Bratcher Last week, snow and ice swept across parts of Georgia once again causing Georgia Perimeter College to shut down for four days leaving students, faculty and staff to wonder if more school days will be added to the calendar.  It is the second time this semester that …

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GPC Instructor Creates Online Only FILM Class

By Special to The Collegian The new FILM 2900 Online class designed by Instructor Thomas Anderson adds the Film Program to the long list of programs at GPC that students can now complete fully online. Anderson was previously an entrepreneur who, after operating a media equipment business and a video …

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