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Alpharetta makes plans for Spring Fling

By Mallory Blount   SGA didn’t have quorum at their meeting on Friday, March 31 because there were not enough voting members present. Despite the obstacle many ideas were shared and plans set in stone. The biggest item on SGA’s agenda is the upcoming Spring Fling. Spring Fling is a …

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Alpharetta SAF budget hearing

By Mallory Blount   Several clubs went before the Alpharetta Student Government Association requesting budget funds for the next fiscal year on March 23, at 11 a.m. The forum was supposed to end at 1 p.m., but ended up being extended until late that afternoon. “We had a bunch of …

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Gym access for Alpharetta students

By: Tejai Henry   Just 4U Fitness has opened their gym door for Alpharetta campus students only, starting in March and ending in May. All campus charge a $40 athletic fee and with Alpharetta being a new campus and not having a gym to access, the $40 payment would of …

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“Activity Hour” at Alpharetta

By Mallory Blount The members of SGA are trying to boost student involvement at Alpharetta. With dozens of plans for events and student opportunities, SGA is attempting to foster a sense of community around Alpharetta. In their meeting on Friday the 16th of March, presiding SGA members discussed several initiatives. …

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SGA Agenda at Alpharetta

By Mallory Blount   An initiative has been in the mill at SGA for a few months now to start an organic garden on campus. The idea is to get professors and students involved in planting and harvesting produce to be donated to North Fulton Community Charities (NFCC). The garden …

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