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Career Services Introduction

We are introducing our Career Services Column to currently enrolled students. Our goal is to keep you posted with the latest updates. This useful information can guide you in the right path and help you become successful. Career Services can help students with career planning and development. Working closely with …

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The President’s Last Mission

President Rob Watts

January 6 was the beginning of the final year for Robb Watts’ as the final president of Georgia Perimeter College. The remainder of 2015 will be the most important four months of the President’s career as he helps GPC become a part of GSU. The Southern Association of Colleges and …

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GPC’s Final Fall Convocation

Dr. Mark Becker. Fall 2015 Convocation

Friday, September 11, 2015 GPC held its final Fall convocation, with Georgia State University (GSU) president Dr. Mark Becker as a featured speaker. The convocation happens once a year, and this year it allowed GPC and GSU faculty and staff to meet and interact with one another. Georgia Perimeter College …

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Remembering 9/11

This is a personal account from GPC student, Alaa Elassar.  On 9/11, we as Americans usually take this day as a moment of reflection as we try to properly grieve for the innocents we lost that day and to honor the losses of thousands of families. Along with that, on every …

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