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I Need A Doctor

A Trip into how PTSD is Embedded into our Society Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a mental disorder that tends to stem from previous life experiences that were traumatizing to the individual. The individual who suffers from PTSD tends to develop coping mechanisms and subconsciously thinks about the traumatizing event on …

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Student and Faculty Kudos

STUDENTS All-Georgia Academic Team for Phi Theta Kappa: Aemah Badri, Deepa Singh Thakuri, Rozhin Pavaresh, Armel Nsiangani and Jeremy Borger Alumni Association’s Emerging Leader Award: Sri Rajasekaran American Sign Language and Interpreting: Emily Riley Barry Goldwater Scholarship: Sheena Vasquez, chemistry Behavioral Studies: Loam Shin Best Club/Organization Award: Newton SGA Biological …

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