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Active Solutions Panel on Clarkston

By Troi Charity The Leadership Academy, Criminal Justice club and African American Students Association present, “Death of Silence” a panel discussion to find active solutions to end racial discrimination in the criminal justice system. “We want this event to focus on forward thinking solutions,” said Anthony Smith, president of Leadership …

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The industry Through a musician’s eyes – Professional Bass Guitarist Takehiko Kato speaks about the music industry,those who are involved and the music.

By Troi Charity Not everyone will have the chance to live the “rock star” life on tour buses and center stage, so here’s a look into what’s going on in the music industry and what they are not showing you. Takehiko Kato, Japanese tutor, former GPC student and professional bass …

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A Theatrical One Man Show

By Jahret Rainey Putting on a performance of a Shakespeare play can take weeks of preparation. Between finding actors, costumes and the hours of rehearsing, plays are a team effort that require a lot of work. Allen O’ Reilly did it on his own. On Wednesday, March 20 GPC Honors …

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When the Beat Drops

By Katherine Kerfoot Dancing. An age-old tradition that allows men and women to display their sexual prowess in a socially acceptable situation. Yes. I really did just say that. So what the hell is the Harlem Shake???? People able to waltz well seem to be more romantic and tender, while …

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Go social to market yourself

By Troi Charity Social media has unlocked a new way for individuals breaking into the music industry to market themselves. Lisa Kato, professional singer for 10 years and former member of the 90’s group Seek, explained why newcomers should take full advantage of social media and self production. “It’s actually …

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