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What Will You Pay in Fall 2014?

By Tammara Green For most college students, receiving a degree means a self-sufficient life. GPC provides an Associate’s degree for students at a lower rate than other universities in Georgia. According to a GPC press release in 2013 written by author Beverly James, “Georgia Perimeter College’s tuition increase is one …

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Board of Regents entrust budget committee to distribute SAF funds

By Omar Nelson   In lieu of recent budget cuts from the last fiscal year, GPC’s Student Activity Budget Fee Association was entrusted $832,040 on Feb. 1 with instructions from the Board of Regents to allocate it adequately to all of GPC student activities. The hearings are to openly discuss how the money will be allotted. $624,030 was chosen for recommendation. The money …

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The ink well is running dry

By David Schick Unless drastic action is taken soon, this could be one of the very last issues the Collegian ever prints. I’m not trying to sound like Chicken Little here, I’m just trying to face facts. GPC’s student paper is on a path to utter annihilation unless something is …

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SACS issues warning to GPC

by David Schick   The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools concluded its annual meeting with a warning to GPC in regards to its recent $16 million budget deficit. According to an email from Rob Watts, GPC’s interim president, “A warning is not unanticipated in this situation.  It is expected …

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Bureaucratic lockdown

By David Schick The University System of Georgia and GPC are still withholding records in response to the Collegian’s Open Records Act requests. “Notwithstanding our several conversations and emails, your staff still continues to refuse to release any documents to my client. This is most distressing, to say the least,” …

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