Dumpster Diving

While it’s probably not as chaotic as it appears in this picture, one solution to food waste and hunger in America is a practice known as “dumpster diving. While most hungry people do not literally dumpster dive for food, there is a selective group of individual who practice this unusual …

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Four-year, two-year or no school?

Life after high school graduation can be confusing; a milestone has finally been reached. Now you’re left to make your own decisions. Throughout being nurtured and looked after during all four years of high school, the decision that has been most considered is what higher education will be best suited …

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Students call for more affordable college tuition

In Germany, and various other nations of the world, college education is practically free to everyone, whereas in the United States, “tuition for U.S. universities has surged 500 percent since 1985 and continues to rise,” as reported in the Washington Post. Due to the increase, “the number of American students …

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World Stop…Carry On!

People everywhere are still trying to mend their broken internet thanks to Queen Bey. She has managed to get the attention of the world once again by releasing one of the most controversial songs in 2016. Although the song’s lyrics and its visuals don’t quite add up to some, you’ve …

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Oscar reflects continuing struggle from Freedom Movement

The struggle for equality during the Freedom Movement in the 1950’s continues in this year’s Oscar nominations that have been criticized for lacking diversity. The Oscar nominations should be a representation of actors who are honored for the differences that defines them as individuals. Racism is one of the biggest …

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Beyoncé takes on police brutality

Feb. 7, also known as Super Bowl Sunday, was a day filled with competition, music, live performances and controversy. However, much of the controversy surrounds Beyoncé and her provocative half-time performance. The singer was dressed in a jacket that resembled the iconic musician Michael Jackson. Her backup dancers consisted of …

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How Can We Close the Gender Pay Gap?

Photo by Marium Zafar

The Economic Policy Institute’s 2015 comprehensive strategy report reveals that in the United States, women earn less than 83 cents for every dollar earned by men, and the disparity in wages is far worse for minorities and for those higher up on the income pyramid. “As more and more businesses …

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Social Media in Today’s Job Market

Whether we like it or not, social media is here to stay. Some people view it as an unnecessary distraction; however, a professional presence on such sites can create opportunities for all kinds of career aspirations. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn all provide the necessary features to make it easy …

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The Power of the Flutie Effect

Everyone wants to be a part of something big and witness something amazing. Eveyone wants to say, “I was there.”. Now imagine being at the 1984 Boston College vs. University of Miami football game. There is six seconds left in the game and Boston College is down 41-45. Boston College …

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