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How Starting a Small Business Can Help

By Charlene Bowden College has always been a place to prepare individuals for society, but mainly for the workplace. Most students attend with the goal of starting a career in their desired fields of study.  However, rapid changes in the economy, not to mention government shutdowns, have made it necessary …

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Your Planet Needs You

Keep It Green

Earth.  La Terre.  La Tierra.  Erde.  Every language has a word for the planet we all live on.  But, believe it or not, our planet needs our help. Despite what some conservative religious people say, global warming exists.  So do poaching, overfishing, and dying coral.  However, even though humans created …

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Finals Survival Guide

By Katherine Kerfoot 1. Hydrate! -No, not coffee, or booze, or energy drinks. Try… WATER! You’ll refresh your brain and NOT end up in the hospital for a dying liver or a caffeine overdose. 2. Humor! -All work and no play makes us… Who am I kidding? If you can’t …

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NFL Offseason talk

By: Veejai Ashbey With Super Bowl XLVII behind us, there’s no gridiron action to watch for the next six months, meaning there’s going to be ton of offseason drama that our ears will be perked up too. Moves will be made, free agents will be signed, and college players will …

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