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Party on!

With the plethora of venues offering nightlife entertainment in Atlanta, one has to wonder why people avidly seek out raves from seeming obscurity. Underground parties, some known as raves, are usually not directly advertised to the public; one has to know where to look to find dates, times, locations, and …

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Stimulant abuse rampant among college students

Called “cognitive enhancers” by scientists, the prescription stimulants Adderall and Ritalin have recently become a college student’s best friend. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, as many as seven percent of college students use these drugs without a prescription. These so-called “smart drugs” or “study drugs” …

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The Minority by Latonya Pennington

We are tiny numbers Eclipsed by giants Who rule society With booming voices   Our existence is barely acknowledged As time passes We fade away To ghostly whispers   Occasionally one of us is lively Bursting with rare power Unable to be contained Shining and spreading like wildfire   Good …

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What is In Your Hands ?

By Walter Crawford   One of the greatest obstructions that keeps people from striving for their grandest goals and most outlandish dreams is their circumstances. Most people with dreams and goals dwell upon their circumstances, counting everything they need but don’t have. However, if you wait for all of the …

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What does the old you say about the new you?

By Eruth Spencer Contributing Writer   I was watching a new show on CNN called Parker/Spitzer and they had a segment called “The Political Party Offbeat Conversation”. During this period, they bring in a round table of affluent people who work in media, politics, and entertainment. I couldn’t help but …

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Voice of reason

By: Justin Peek, Contributing Writer Here’s a little food for your thoughts.  For the past 80 years we have steadily increased our public spending to the level that it has reached today, by both Republicans and Democrats. And what do we have to show for it? The percentages of those …

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