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Katrina 5 Years Later

By Ashley Thompson, Clarkston Managing Editor On Sunday, August 29th, the people of New Orleans remembered the tragedy that was Hurricane Katrina for its fifth anniversary. It was a natural disaster to never be forgotten, and while many attempts are being made to rebuild what the city once was, natives …

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Hello, Monticello

Each Monday and Wednesday around 1 o’clock in the afternoon, I drive north on Highway 11 on my way to college for my film history class. As I reach northern Jasper County, the grassy rolling hills dotted with a few clumps of tall oaks is puncuated with the bright blue sky …

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Cents and Sensibility

It is often said that knowledge is a gift but do not think for one second it is free. I realized how false that statement was when I saw how expensive tuition fees, books, and supplies are. So unless you have been saving since birth or just recently won the …

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