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Forming a Union

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Getting Involved in Extracurricular Activities   By Jabril Titus Extracurricular activities are very important and great opportunities to grow as students. Many students on campus may become discouraged, because we attend a small community college, but one should take advantage of these opportunities and view it as a starting point. …

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Social Media Connects

By Simone Smoot With around 73 percent of adults on sites like Facebook and Twitter, social media is a huge force in society. These sites help shape society, they are all under intense scrutiny from many different people. Social media has given us entertainment, insight and a direct line of …

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Public vs. Private Profiles

By Patrick Hedden With the abundance of social media outlets available at our fingertips, it is extremely easy to get noticed, especially when you do not want to. The real problem is that as we adapt to faster access to communication, the instant gratification of seamless connectivity contributes to a loss …

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‘Noah’ Floods Box Office

By Tammara Green On March 28, the box office flooded with people ready to see the modern day story of Noah. According to the Daily Mail, Noah out sold Divergent in its second week, taking first place with 44 million in ticket sales. “Noah” stars A-list celebrities Russell Crowe, Anthony …

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