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Art Beneath Your Feet

By Katherine Kerfoot Have you ever seen one of those amazing pictures where someone standing on a sidewalk looks like they are floating over a pit or drifting down a river? Someone with chalk, creativity, and a lot of time made that illusion possible. Sidewalk chalk artists do not create …

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Defining Culture

By Katherine Kerfoot Culture, defined by sociologists, is the beliefs, way of life, art and customs shared, and accepted by people in a particular society. Therefore, as long as people exist, culture will never stop existing. It is possible to be in several cultures at once. Being a GPC student …

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The 411 on Mid-Terms

By Katherine Kerfoot Midterms got you down?  Wait, who are we kidding?  We all hate midterms! Here are some easy ways to perk up these several weeks. Cut the Crap!  Eating fatty, sugar-rich foods do not help your memory or your stress (despite how tempting that Ben & Jerry’s ice …

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A trip for the mind

By Katerine Kerfoot Spring Break is almost here (at last), which means we all get a break from school and homework. It’s tradition to travel if you can afford it, but some of us can’t, which stinks. So, I propose we go on a vacation of the mind, to some …

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A trip for the body

By Daniel Loero Spring break is finally here. Many are off to places like Florida or the Bahamas, but some of us will find ourselves at home this time around. But don’t let that stop you from enjoying the time off – there are things to be done in the …

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