I’ve got some splainin to do

WHOOSH!!!!!!  Maybe it is just me but I would swear the college football season passed by so fast it broke the sound barrier.  Alas, the 2015 season has come and gone.  The Panthers season started with a tumultuous 2-6 start ended with a bang winning four straight and securing true …

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A positive look at Panther football

The good things about Georgia State football besides doubling the win total. The 2015 season began with talk by the players of becoming bowl eligible for the first time in the history of Georgia State’s football program.  The Panthers are now seven games into the season and things are not …

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Aldon Smith, Rise Up and Do the Dirty Bird


Aldon Smith can be a huge difference maker for any team that sign him including the Falcons. Every team will take his track record into consideration both on and off the field and for Atlanta the troubled linebacker may likely proved to be too much of a gamble for a team looking to move forward.

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