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Ask Sloane Oscar Night

Ask Sloane

Wow! How amazing were the awards? Did anyone believe that this night would be so magical? According to The Washington Post, this was “the most watched Academy Awards in 10 years,” having 43 million people tuning in to ABC network to witness the wonderful night and generating 3.3 billion tweets …

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The Story of Kyana Campbell #22

                   By Autumn Porter Over the past week I sat down with Kyana Campbell, No. 22 on the GPC women’s soccer team. As we began the interview I could tell by the bright smile and the tone of her voice that soccer …

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Is the Government a Stable Environment to Work?

By Sabatani Shetu Government jobs and positions have always been thought to be stable, dependable and out of the realms of fluctuation, but recent developments as seen in the U.S federal government shutdown from Oct. 1-16, are proving this notion false. Pair that with the constant sequestration and furlough of …

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the Art &Music Industry — From Inside the Studio

By Ashley Oglesby TunePusher founder and School of Audio Engineering graduate, Justin Kalpher stated, “SAE would hate me for this but you don’t really need school.” Kahler advised students looking to step into music to skip school completely and land internships. “You learn your best stuff when you get thrown …

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Is the NBA too soft?

By Veejai Ashby   In the world we live in today there are many huge changes that occur for the better. However, there is one change that really grinds my grits and that’s how soft the NBA has become in the recent decade. Now in the days of Larry Legend, Charles Oakley and The Bad Boy Pistons, the …

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