Students call for more affordable college tuition

In Germany, and various other nations of the world, college education is practically free to everyone, whereas in the United States, “tuition for U.S. universities has surged 500 percent since 1985 and continues to rise,” as reported in the Washington Post. Due to the increase, “the number of American students …

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Being Healthy As a College Student

A good balance of healthy food and regular workouts can be difficult to accomplish without proper motivation, inspiration, or knowledge of how to do it. This difficulty can be heightened as a college student because people’s focus largely changes to include only the workload of being in college, leaving little …

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Black Lives Matter Round Table

Black Lives Matter Round Table. (left to right) Professor Cole Thomas, Jasmine Hutchinson, Hakim Floyd, Jack Lester, Chris Townsend, Sondra Williams, and Keisha Webb. Photo by Chelse Brown

Do all black lives “really” matter? On Feb. 24, the Feminati Club on Dunwoody campus held a Black Lives Matter Roundtable Discussion panel. The Feminati club is dedicated to feminism and women’s issues that discuss relevant topics that happen locally and internationally and relate them to the feminist student body. …

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