State of the Union Response

State Capital

By Justin Beaudrot President Obama takes the podium, facing the collected Congress of the United States of America with John Boehner, Speaker of the House, and Joe Biden, Vice President, at his back.  He begins his speech by contributing the success of better education and business stats to those middle-class teachers …

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Prep Your Car for Colder Temps


By Devanta Franklin Monday morning; you wake up and start preparing for that early class that everyone dreads. Like most college students, you probably wake up with just enough time to get ready. You do your hair, brush your teeth, check your hair again, and go outside to get in …

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Snowed In!


  By Joy Bratcher Georgia Perimeter College shut down for two days due to inclement weather conditions caused by the winter storm that passed through parts of Georgia Jan. 28. GPC  Public Safety Department decided to shut down campuses at 1 p.m. to allow students, faculty and staff members to …

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System-Wide Smoking Ban


By Tina Caulder Restaurants, bars, hospitals, and now the college campus. The “truth” about smoking has now reached the Board of Regents. Regent Thomas Hopkins and two other members have come out fully supporting a non-smoking proposal due for review early this year. If agreed upon, the board members will implement …

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