Bernie Sanders visits Atlanta

Sanders supporters gather outside of the Fox Theatre. Photo by Jazzy Young.

On Monday night at the historical Fox Theatre in Midtown, thousands of people wrapped around the building anxiously waiting for the hopeful presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, to arrive. Upon stepping off Marta, one of the most striking things to see was the amount of young people who were all gathered …

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Theatre at GPC

“Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” by Tennessee Williams

Now that the fall semester is dwindling down to its last few weeks, the Theatre Department at the Dunwoody campus is showcasing “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” by Tennessee Williams as one of its last theatre productions before winter break. “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” is based in …

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Lucy Monge performance

Lucy Monge. Photo by Liza Monge.

Lucy Monge gave an outstanding performance in the Fine Arts Performance Studio on the Clarkston campus on Nov. 16 for around 100 people including her family, whom have never seen her perform on stage before. Monge is a singer, dancer, and director. She was the assistant director of a production …

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A positive look at Panther football

The good things about Georgia State football besides doubling the win total. The 2015 season began with talk by the players of becoming bowl eligible for the first time in the history of Georgia State’s football program.  The Panthers are now seven games into the season and things are not …

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Undocumented immigrants could boost Georgia’s CCG plans

Undocumented immigrants can help Georgia reach its $10 million goal. The Complete College Georgia (CCG) initiative reports that the state of Georgia wishes to add 250,000 graduates to the workforce by 2020. Melissa Johnson of the Georgia Budget and Policy Institute (GBPI) reported on Sept. 29, by allowing some of …

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Millennials and the 2016 Presidential Election

Why millennials and candidates need to get to know each other before 2016 election. “As the presidential race heats up, the candidates remain focused on petty infighting,” said 22-year-old college graduate, Elizabeth Elizalde, in her opinion article on CNN titled, “Millennials: What they want from the candidates”. The 2016 presidential …

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International students bear large financial burden

When it comes to college, the state of Georgia has given its legal residents ample opportunities to make college affordable, such as allowing students to apply for the HOPE scholarship and making tuition cheaper for Georgia residents. However, for most colleges and universities, these opportunities do not extend to Georgia’s …

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