The Best Action Games For PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch And PC In 2019

Here’s a list of the best action games of 2019. Fire shots, roll with the punches and experience moments that take your breath away!

Great sagas like Gears of War 5 for Xbox One. Bayonetta 3, developed by Platinum Games, a Nintendo Switch exclusive. Also, be sure to read
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Ace Combat 7 Skies Unknown

On January 18, Ace Combat 7 drops for PS4 and Xbox One, while PC users will have to wait until the following month.

The fighters and fighter-bombers that appear in the Ace Combat 7 hangar show off the best of the modern aerospace industry: F-15 Strike Eagle, F-16 Fighting Falcon, Mig 29 Fulcrum, A-10… You get the picture.

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown Gameplay Trailer

The realism of the machines – which you can pilot in first/third person – contrasts with the pace of the combats.

Skies Unknown will feature an online multiplayer mode. And, on the PS4 version, a spectacular virtual reality mode for PSVR.

Travis Strikes Again No More Heroes

Also on January 18, Nintendo Switch users get to play Travis Strikes Again. It’s the third installment of No More Heroes.

Like the previous games developed by Goichi Suda, you can expect a lot of hat tipping to popular culture.

A sarcastic sense of humor (with some spicy details and the characteristic “save game” screens on the toilet). It also features all the mechanics of a “brawler” classic.

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes – Switch Gameplay

This time, the game is set inside a demonic console, the Death Drive Mark II. Each of the cartridges become a different challenge for Travis Touchdown. To take advantage of the Switch hardware, we can play it in cooperative local mode with two joy-con.

Devil May Cry 5

It will be on March 8 when the users of PS4, Xbox One and PC meet again with Dante, Nero, and V (a new character who joins the campus).

Several years have passed since the fourth installment of Devil May Cry. The threat of demonic power is again present.

The invasion begins with the seeds of a “demonic tree” that is taking root in Red Grave City.

Devil May Cry 5 Gameplay Trailer

Expect high-voltage battles, with rock music, studied poses and impossible weapons. The soundtrack and the visual aesthetics (which uses the RE Engine engine, owned by Capcom) will be epic. Only fitting of such a resounding comeback.


In the words of its creators, Blasphemous is a “hack ‘n slash”, intense and bloody game. The protagonist enters and explores places full of bloodthirsty enemies, traps, and threats. The target audience is the anyone who enjoys side-scrolling games. Think Castlevania platforms, or more arcade-like Ghouls n Ghosts.

Blasphemous Game Trailer

Gears of War 5

Finally, we can find out what happens with JD (the son of Marcus Fénix) and Kait Díaz, after the intriguing finale of Gears 4.

For now, we know that the game, exclusive to Xbox One in consoles, will have a narrative approach.

We already know one of the new enemies that we are going to cross on the battlefield.

It is the Swarm Flock, a group of Flying Leeches (Swarm Leeches). They fly in a group devouring any living being that gets in their way.

Gears of War 5 Trailer

Bayonetta 3

In 2019 we will be able to enjoy the third installment of this “beat’em up” starring the Umbra Witch.

It is difficult to overcome the sense of spectacle, the soundtrack and the combos system of the last game.

But, we can settle for new scenarios, a new army of angels and Lumen scholars. And, we can enjoy local co-op mode on our Nintendo Switch.

Bayonetta 3 Trailer For Nintendo Switch

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

We want to know what happens between Thanos and what remains of the Avengers in Avengers Endgame.

For now, the trailer has only shown us the members of Guardians of the galaxy facing the Thanos’ minions.

The members of the Avengers fighting against Ultron. Spider-Man testing his arachnid powers against the sand man.

The members of the incredible X-Men (the X-Men) fighting against the sentinels.

“Nuff said”. This is a Nintendo Switch exclusive game.

MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE 3: The Black Order – Announcement Trailer (Nintendo Switch™)

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